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We are committed to providing a quality, low cost, integrated delivery system of healthcare to you.


We accept most health insurances. But if you do not have health insurance, you will spend much less on our “Express Medicine Membership” than that of buying health insurance.


Paying only $66 per month as a member, you can have two free medical consultations each year. In addition, you can get two complimentary services each year, such as minor surgeries, injury/fracture management or joint/IV injections, for free as needed. Furthermore, you can have two complimentary services from our on-site X-ray, on-site EKG, or prescription medications (up to 3 medications for 3 months each time for chronic problems) from our on-site pharmacy free as needed, along with many other membership benefits such as using our on-line patient portal to check lab/test results, medical diagnoses, treatment plans, or to make appointments, to discuss your issues, to make requests and to ask for medication refills.


Our approach works well with your employer sponsored health savings accounts (HSAs), health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and flexible spending accounts (FSAs). In some cases, your employer may fund these accounts, giving you flexibility in determining how you can best spend your health care dollars.


Even if you have health insurance, you also can significantly decrease your insurance premium through our “Express Medicine Membership” by increasing your co-pay and annual deductable.

Although each insurance plan is complicated and different, here is a common scenario based on a true employer sponsored insurance plan: you pay about $400 premium monthly for a general medical coverage with $20 co-pay for each doctor’s visit, $20 for each prescription medication, and $1000 deductible annually. When you increase your co-pay from $20 to $40 for doctor’s visit and prescription medication and increase your annual deductible from $1000 to $2000, your monthly premium will decrease from $400 to $200. Assuming that you join our “Express Medicine Membership” with an average of 2 doctors’ visits each year to cover the majority of your health needs, your total savings is about $1768 on your insurance premium annually.


Our goal is to provide you with rapid, compassionate, and affordable medical care at your convenience. We are able to do it by bypassing middleman / insurance fees to put your money directly into your healthcare services.

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